The Tennessee Williams Annual Review

Issue 10—2009

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Editors Note
Robert Bray

Previously Unpublished
Available only in printed version.
Rare Photographs from the filming of
A Streetcar Named Desire available at The Historic New Orleans Collection

The Returning Vets Experience in A Streetcar Named Desire: Stanley as the Decommissioned Warrior under Stress
Larry Blades

Warring Desires: Sex, Marriage, and the Returning Soldier
Michael Hooper

A Streetcar Named Dies Irae: Tennessee Williams and the Semiotics of Rape
John S. Bak

Desire and Decay: Female Survivorship in Faulkner and Williams
Bernadette Clemens

The Dramatization of Desire: Tennessee Williams and Federico García Lorca
José I. Badenes

Tennessee Williams and the Mummers of St. Louis: The Birth of a Playwright
Tom Mitchell

A Playwright with a Social Conscience
Michael Paller

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