The Tennessee Williams Annual Review

Issue 11—2010

Table of Contents

A Reading of The Reading
Robert Bray

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The Reading
Tennessee Williams

Torn between the “Swedish Sin” and “Homosexual Freemasonry”: Tennessee Williams, Sexual Morals, and the Closet in 1950s Sweden
Dirk Gindt

The Wilderness is Interior: Williamss Strategies of Resistance in Two on a Party”
Mauricio D. Aguilera Linde

The Gnädiges Fräulein: Tennessee Williams’s Southernmost Belle
Stefanie Quinlan

An Interview with Douglas McKeown on the Production of Kirche, Kutchen, und Kinder, 1979
Philip C. Kolin

Theatre Review
Vieux Carré at the Pearl Theatre Company, New York City, May 12–June 14, 2009
Thomas Keith

Book Review
Recent Releases
Nick Moschovakis

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